Add more sparkle to your wrist with our forever bracelets. Customized to your wrist for the perfect fit and welded in-house by jewelers on-site.
  • A forever bracelet is one that has no clasp and requires minimal maintenance.
Come weld your wrist at Pink Swan! Bring your friends for the ultimate friendship bracelet
  • Booking an appointment is highly recommended in order for us to serve all customers in a timely manner
  • Welders are available 6 days a week at our Railway Heights Location. To ensure you are able to get welded, we encourage you email, text or DM us on instagram or book your appointment online.
  • Group reservations are welcome
  • Each appointment takes 20-30 minutes from start of check-in to finish.
  • When you come in one of our team members will check you in and direct you towards our jewelry bar to pick out your chain for welding.
  • Payment will be taken prior to welding. 
  • Only 14K Yellow gold filled and rose gold filled chains can be used for welding a forever bracelet.
  • Minimum welding age is 10 years. Minors must be accompanied by an adult


Welding FAQs:
  • What Does a forever bracelet mean? What does the zap mean?
    • A forever bracelet is one that is welded onto your wrist by our jeweler. It has no clasps and is relatively easy to maintain. It can be taken off by cutting the joining loop with scissors. PS: we recommend saving the chain so you can bring it back for re-welding.
    • "Zap" refers to the flash of light seen when welding takes place.
  • Do I need an appointment to get welded?
    • Yes! We highly recommend booking an appointment to ensure your experience is optimal.
    • For a group, please book individual appointments. Please contact us via email/text or instagram and let us know so that we can accommodate your group.
    • Walk-in's are welcome. However, we cannot guarantee an immediate appointment as this depends on welder availability and other bookings. 
  • Does the zap hurt?
    • Not at all! :) Zapping refers to the flash of light emitted when welding takes place.
  • Can I get sterling silver chains as a forever bracelet?
    • Unfortunately, silver does not withstand welding well. So at the moment only yellow gold chains are used for welding. 
  • If I have purchased a Gold Filled bracelet from you in the past can I bring that for welding?
    • Absolutely! For a welding fee of $35 we can weld your bracelet for you. 
  • Can I add charms to my forever bracelet?
    • Yes, however, we only recommend Gold Filled charms for our forever bracelets as gold plated charms will eventually loose its plating due to exposure to water, body chemicals, perfumes etc.
  • Can I pass through TSA with my forever bracelet?
    • Yes! The chains are dainty and have no issues passing through security check.