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About Us

Welcome to The Pink Swan Shop!! I am so excited to share my vision with you guys!! Before launching, I was fulfilling my passion for medicine and had completed a Master’s degree in Biomedical Science. Soon after that I started a super long and frustrating journey of landing a job in my chosen field. During these hard times, there were only three things that made me happy and got me out of the sink hole of job hunting: Food, Fitness and Fashion.

I’ve always told myself that whatever you do in life, it must be what brings you joy and happiness. Never force yourself to act a certain way because that is what is expected of you. These morals always resonated with me. So finally, one day I decided to turn my passion for fashion into a reality and share it with everyone. I have always been known to be the stylish one in my family and one who stands out in the crowd.

At Pink Swan, our motto is women empowerment. We strive to select products keeping in mind women of all shapes and sizes. Our goal is to make you fall in love with fashion once again and break those ideal body stereotypes that we women have been attached to in the past. I am inspired by all the women in my life, be it my mom or my friends! I personally select each piece of apparel and accessory to ensure that my customers are receiving the best quality products. I love sharing my fashion insights with my friends and family and I am here to share them with you! I want my customers to envision themselves in our trendy collections and feel fabulous when wearing them! I look forward to making you a part of our Pink Swan team! XOXO - Pareesha Gudipaty