Style Staples That Will Last Yearlong

Style Staples That Will Last Yearlong


Yearlong Trendy Styles

“I need more clothes!”, “I can’t find anything to wear!!” Sound familiar?? These words have been uttered by literally ever woman! Life can get hectic at times. Amid all the things that are going on in our daily lives, picking an outfit should be the least of our worries. However, we find ourselves in the same place again and again AND again… 

Don’t you love that one piece of clothing in your wardrobe that is so versatile that you’ve probably worn it everywhere? Trust us ladies, everyone has one of those outfits. No shame in our game! With styles constantly changing and everyone obsessing over what’s hot right now, sometimes you just want a few pieces that will make life a bit easier without making a hole in your wallet! 

Today we are sharing with you five affordable & trendy style staples that can be recycled yearlong!

The Elle Romper: Comfort meets style

This romper is so stylish that it only needs a pair of statement earrings and a long chain necklace. During fall season, pair it with a leather jacket and booties and your good to go!

Romance Is in the Air: Bold and beautiful

We love this blouse because of its bold print and sleeve details. During fall season, pair with black leather pants to add a sexy twist to your outfit.

The Venous Blouse: Work it!

Don’t you love a blouse that goes from workday to happy hour? Pair it with black distressed jeans to add an edgy look to your outfit.

The Aphrodite Blouse: Simple yet flirty


Lover’s Triangle Dress: Easy Breezy


The lightweight fabric of this dress allows it to drape well and the crochet details add a beautiful touch. During fall season, pair with a black or beige coat and knee high boots to step up your fashion game!

What versatile looks are you adding to your wardrobe? -XOXO

May 22, 2017 — Pareesha Gudipaty
The Perfect Summer Outfit

The Perfect Summer Outfit

 How to get ready for summer on a budget

Summer is finally here!! Que in the pool parties, beach days, picnics, vacay’s and not to mention the margaritas. No matter the event you gotta stand out in the crowd, right?! I know you are probably thinking, “how do I shop for so many events and still stay on budget?” Well, it’s very much possible! The key is: recycling outfits. You want to invest in a few fabulous blouses, tops and dresses that are trendy but still affordable. Once you’ve done that try to find pieces that you already own and pair them with your new finds! Plus, bringing back old pieces from your wardrobe is a fun road down memory lane. Don’t you want to reminisce about the good ol’ days?

The Habibi Blouse

We love this blouse because of its bold and colorful prints. The ruffles and cold shoulder are perfect as they add a flirty touch. This blouse is very versatile because it can really be dressed up or dressed down. Not to mention how affordable it is!
To dress up, you can add a statement necklace like our Star Struck In Gold necklace, a pair of earrings and stack a few bracelets or bangles. Pair it with dressy shorts, or how about a black leather skirt?! YASSS

To dress down, add a pair of daisy dukes or bermuda shorts. If you want to accessorize, chose more simple pieces of jewelry. Although you can just wear a pair of statement earrings, like our Ava Earrings and your good to go!
So, what are you waiting for? Grab some sunnies and get ready for a fabulous summer seventeen! - XOXO
Tassels, Tassels, Tassels

Tassels, Tassels, Tassels

The Tassel Trend

  One of our favorite trends of 2017 is the tassel trend! Where can’t you find tassels? The answer is everywhere and on everything! Seems like everyone in the fashion world is obsessing over this trend. You can find them in earrings, necklaces, apparel, bags and even shoes. They add a fun and playful look to your outfit and allow you to make a bold fashion statement.
Statement earrings are making a drastic comeback this season. As expected the tassel trend has conquered that arena too! They can be paired with a nice cold shoulder blouse, rompers, maxi dresses and really any outfit imaginable. Investing in a pair of statement earrings is a wise idea because they never go out of style!!
Isn’t it amazing how one piece of jewelry can add so much emphasis to your personality?
How about a pair for casual Friday’s?
And one for girl’s night out
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Are you ready to make a bold and unmissable statement?
Don’t be intimidated of bold jewelry pieces. Trust your fashion choices - XOXO
May 10, 2017 — Pareesha Gudipaty
Cold Shoulder Trends

Cold Shoulder Trends


Cold Shoulder Trend

This trend is everywhere and is probably going to stick around for a while. And rightfully so! These blouses are a great way to show off those defined shoulders. They add a sexy twist to even the simplest outfit! These can be paired with jeans, slacks and shorts. Depending on the fit and type of blouse even culotte pants would work. When dressing up the outfit, add a touch of highlighter with a brush in circular motions on the high points of the shoulder, where natural sunlight would hit. Remember balance is key!


These are a great investment for summer and the upcoming fall season! Check out our other trendy and affordable cold shoulder blouses.



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Are you a fan of the cold shoulder trend?

What's not to love right?!!

Don't be afraid to take chances on your outfits! Let them become a part of your personality. XOXO




May 09, 2017 — Pareesha Gudipaty